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Vaquera Verde ("Cowgirl Green") is a collaboration between Ann S. Lee (Way Down South, Night Pig, Mission Taco) and Chef Montserrat Garza, the former sous chef of Mexico City's renowned restaurant, Quintonil.

Our mission is to work with local producers to highlight native elements of the authentic Mexican kitchen: beans, chiles, potatoes, squash, nuts, cactus, avocados, tomatoes, tomatillos, cacao, vanilla, and at the helm -- corn. From beyond tacos, to also gorditas, tamales and tlayudas. 

As a 30-seater space we accept walk-ins up to 3 people and bookings for groups of 4 and more and we have takeaway.
Our beverages range from cocktails using our favorite agave producers (tequila & mezcal), to housemade agua frescas. Towards the afternoon, we will have a regularly changing comida corrida, our set 3-course meal.

We warmly welcome you to your new neighborhood escape!

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